The Yoga Shop

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  • Love love love The Yoga Shop! You walk in the door and the vibe is awesome. Serious workout for body and mind.

  • This week is my one year anniversary practicing yoga at “The Yoga Shop” and I wanted to share some thoughts about my experience. I started with Foundation and Stretch & Relax classes. After a few months, I thought I was ready for a power class. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for LivFree® yoga! I was in awe at the strength, flexibility and stamina of my fellow yogis. I thought to myself “Am I ever going to be able to do that?!”. I can do ‘that’ now but it really doesn’t matter that I can. Of course, one of the reasons I practice yoga is for the physical benefits but I have gained soooo much more. Yoga has played a major role in helping me cope with the most emotional and difficult year of my life. Being surrounded by kindness, love and support comforted me. The focus that is required for the physical practice redirected my thoughts. The spirituality calmed my anxiety. The positive energy lifted my spirits. The playfulness brought me laughter. The teacher’s readings inspired me. I always left the studio feeling better than when I arrived. It is the perfect time for me to commit to 40 days of yoga. I am excited to share more time with the beautiful souls at ‘the shop’ and to grow even more from this commitment. Thank you to my fellow yogis, to all my yoga teachers, and especially to Annie Quagliaroli for fostering such a nurturing environment. I feel truly blessed.

  • When I first came to power yoga I thought the people were crazy on how they could do all that stuff especially with the heat, but over the time I’ve realized they’re not crazy at all, just some great people doing some great stuff; working at progressing further towards their goals every class. I, myself, am also feeling privileged to be a part of such a great community! Peace & love

    Ken / South Windsor
  • Love!! I live an hour away and still travel here for yoga. I’ve tried so many other places but the positive vibe and wholesomeness of this place are unbeatable.

    – Danielle / Centerbrook