Annie Q.

My Love.
I believe in Yoga. I honestly feel that everyone can benefit from it. There is this moment in every class where you see a “newbie” on their mat, in the thick of it all, power, sweat, fear, and exhilaration. I love the moment when yoga makes its way into their body and you can see it, you can see the light come out of them. You see their amazement, you feel their excitement, you know that they “get it”. Man, what a gift. I have found my purpose in life, I am a teacher. Annie's teachers include Baron Baptiste, Philip Urso, Debbie Williamson, Marcia Vallier, Anne Surber, Douglas P. Quagliaroli, Lance Clayton and Jan Iyengar.

Annie is co-director of The Yoga Shop and the founder of LivFree® Power Yoga and LivFree® Yoga School. Annie is Yoga Alliance ERYT 500-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Kimberly Charbonneau

My Truth.
I believe in the effects of yoga. I have witnessed transformation in myself and in others I practice with. I have always wanted to be a part of something that really matters. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than helping someone realize their true strength physically and spiritually. Kim's teachers include Baron Baptiste and Annie Q.

Kim is co-director of The Yoga Shop. She is Yoga Alliance ERYT 500-hour certified and LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Allison Gomes

My Here, My Now.
Why do I believe in Yoga? Because, up until a few years ago, I was, in most ways, much like any other working mom, franticly juggling the many things it takes to ‘have it all’ in life. Then, I stepped onto a Yoga mat and realized that I could in fact slow down even in this hectic world we live in – and not only did my mind and body need it, but everyone who I touched in life was better for it as well. When I am on the mat, when I teach and when I leave the studio, my body is at ease – peaceful, energized, and balanced. Yoga gives me the space that I need to reconnect to me. Through Yoga, I have vowed never again to be exhausted by life but rather to leave this life exhausted from truly living it! The ability to teach and share this hOMe we built with others in the community is a gift. Allison’s teachers include Annie Q and Kim Charbonneau.

Allison is the co-owner of The Yoga Shop of Ludlow. She is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Liz Salvador

My Passion.
I rediscovered yoga at a time where I really needed an escape from the demands of life. I wore many hats while juggling a challenging corporate career and care-giving for both a young family and aging parents. I realized that I was spending all my time taking care of others and needed to take care of myself. When I discovered the Yoga Shop community, I found a way to escape into a loving place where I could care for and work solely on myself – learning to love who and where I am, releasing the tension and rebuilding strength, dealing with my struggles and growing stronger. Yoga gives me healing and hope in a way I never expected and still surprises me. Yoga is my self care and my passion. I am SO excited to grow The Yoga Shop family and share LivFree®️ yoga in our community. I’m grateful for The Yoga Shop community of teachers and my mentors: Annie Quagliaroli, Kim Charbonneau, Julie Liefeld and the 2017 Masters Class.

Liz is the co-owner of The Yoga Shop of Ludlow. She is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Brenna Adams

My Strength.
I started practicing yoga around 2010 searching for physical strength and flexibility.  However, on my mat I found peace and ease for my body, mind and soul.  Gaining a deeper understanding of yoga has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself.  The connection of breath to movement, the moving mediation that is yoga; this has become an essential part of my life.  The physical, mental and emotional strength I have found through yoga is one of the greatest gifts it has given me.  This strength I carry off my mat and it is a gift that I share with each of my students as they continue down their own path of yoga, on and off the mat.  Brenna's teachers include Annie Q. Simard and Kim Charbonneau.

Brenna is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Petra Axlund

My Kindness.
I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 1999 and to me, yoga is not about how deeply you can back-bend, how long you can hold an arm balancing pose or whether or not you can stand on your head. Yoga is about connecting with breath and creating space. It’s about falling back in love with yourself and to make peace with your body. Yoga is to become aware of your mind and the noise it creates. To me yoga is kindness, even in the most physically and mentally challenging poses. Just by softening and letting go you can release your fear and be free. I love what yoga does for my body, mind and spirit. It has made me a better and more balanced person, injury and pain free and stronger both physically and mentally. And it will do that for you too! Petra’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Lori Bonazzi, Davidji and S. N. Goenka.

Petra is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® certified and a Meditation Coach trained in the Vipassana tradition. She is also the Social Media Manager and Webmaster for The Yoga Shop and LivFree Yoga School.

Lauren Bent Imholte

My Freedom.
When I first started practicing yoga, I couldn't get on my mat enough. I was enthralled by the new sense of freedom I had found in my body and loved the physical aspect of growing stronger. As my practice has deepened, and life has ebbed and flowed, I've become more excited about the emotional freedom this practice offers: the ability to make a mistake and keep going, and knowing that perfectionism isn't an option. The Yoga Shop is like an old friend you haven't seen in a while, but you know you can meet up for coffee and everything will pick up right where you left off. And I couldn't be happier to be back. Lauren's teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, and Dr. Julie Liefeld.

Lauren is RYT-500 LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Kim Brenneisen

My being.
When I step onto my mat inside The Yoga Shop, I am always challenged. Whether that's physically or mentally, I can expect to be vulnerable and pushed past my limits. And even though it is vigorous, it's my safe space. The best thing about TYS is that you never know what to expect to receive from a class. Each class is going to elicit something new out of you -- anywhere from achieving a new pose, to feeling a sense of euphoria, or to discovering a new part of your being. LivFree has grown my practice in more ways than I ever thought possible, and it's also provided me a home away from home. This yoga holds me accountable, helps me stay present and rooted, and it allows me to be my best self. I owe so much to this practice, and I can't think of a better way of paying respect to this freeing yoga than by sharing my passion, my heart and everything I've learned with others. Kim's teachers include Annie Q., Kim Charbonneau, Holly Zygiel, Lisa Cozzi, Kevin Masse, Angie Chokran, Kara Dalena, Kristen Michalak, Dan Jaramillo and Kim Jaramillo.

Kim is a RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Sabrina Cassella

My Pause.
LivFree yoga has taken me on a journey of transformation in my mind, body and spirit. My soul became connected and my intuition strong. Each time I show up on my mat I embrace the discomfort. I release the need to show up perfectly. I practice holding space for myself and for others. I quiet the mental chatter and discard the judgements that arise. Yoga has become a way of life. I experience clarity in my thoughts when I walk off of my mat. Yoga is an ongoing practice of trusting in myself, meeting myself where I am and giving myself the grace I offer to others. Sabrina’s teachers include Alison Gomes, Liz Salvador, Annie Q. Simard, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Dana Wilcox.

Sabrina is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Lisa Cozzi

My Intimacy.
Yoga opens my pathways of intimacy in the universe. Yoga ignites my passion. Yoga supports my balance. Yoga fuels my authenticity. Yoga delivers my clarity. Yoga is my mental and physical detoxification. Yoga cares for my heart, emotional and physical. Yoga breathes life into me. Yoga opens my eyes. Yoga softens my entire being. I am simple, messy, wild and free. I am you, you are me. We are one. The most powerful transformation I have been blessed to experience, is embracing, exploring and sharing intimacy. The power of having an intimate connection with yourself, your family, your community and the Universe is the most simple form of living a life with clarity and purpose. Weaving intimacy into the fabric of your life, the fabric being your heart, your mind, your body and your soul … creates an overwhelming sense of peace in that you are you, and, I am me and all we need to do is JUST BE. Be intimately connected with the Universe and breathe. Lisa's teachers include Annie Q Simard, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel and Julie Liefeld.

Lisa is RYT 200-hour certified.  Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Kara Dalena

My Revival.
I first began yoga as a physical practice during a major transitional period in my life. My physical practice quickly transformed into so much more. I became part of a community surrounded by like-minded yogis; I gained mental clarity even if it was just during those 90 minutes of practice – and an appreciation for myself and the strength of my body grew. When I first started yoga I couldn’t touch my toes. Now I have seen the transformation, I have seen what yoga is capable of in my own body. When I am on my mat, nothing else matters. It is my time to be me and to be with me. My practice brings me peace. I wanted to become a yoga teacher to teach LivFree
® Yoga, to share to others what yoga has shared with me and to be a bigger part in this amazing community. Kara’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, and Holly Zygiel.

Kara is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Sarah Domenie

My Mind.
I have always been in my head. Bringing myself to the mat takes all the thoughts away. Some days I have beautiful, open practices. Other days I have terrible practices. What matters is I cleared my mind and did my best. I became a teacher because I wanted to be able to share that experience with everyone. The experience of letting go of the good or the bad. I pride myself off having a laid back, cool style of teaching but still being able to BRING IT. I will continue to show up and share the love. Sarah’s teachers include Annie Q., and Kim Charbonneau.

Sarah is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her in the WEHA Zoom Room.

Aisha Eugene

My Sanctuary.
Yoga is that special place I go to—where I keep my secrets, my aspirations, my dreams; my deepest, truest, and honest self. It’s safe, and it’s my own. When I first found yoga, it was to find a fitness practice that met my busy schedule. What I found instead, was a beautiful yet challenging dance of energy, surrender, stability, and strength; I found myself. Yoga gave me all that I needed before I even knew what to ask for. It’s a friend whose shoulder I can always lean on; a confidant I never have to wear a mask in front of. It’s been my adventure—where I’ve met some of my truest friends, and beautiful souls. It gave me a community and a place to belong. To say I love yoga does not do justice to the sentiment. My passion for teaching yoga comes from sharing this delicious secret with everyone I meet, especially in communities where access and knowledge have been limited or don’t exist. I get goosebumps thinking of how healing yoga can be, and how lucky I am to have found it. How could I not want to share that with everyone? Aisha’s teachers include: Annie Q., Dana Wilcox, Kristen Michalak, Monique Davis, Kara Dalena.

Aisha is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.


Tammy Ford

My constant.
It’s a daily ritual that connects you to your well being. I have been a dancer, marathon runner and fitness instructor my entire life. My love for yoga began when I was brought to my first Bikram class 25 years ago. The heat, postures, and meditation were like home to me. Four kids later yoga became more than a fitness workout but an outlet and teaching tool for me to live by.   My favorite part of becoming a Bikram instructor was my connection to the students who ended up becoming my colleagues and friends. I found myself staying after classes to do inversions, back bends, and core work, which led me to get certified in HIIT. This all led me to a summer of power yoga in Martha’s Vineyard. I was hooked and began my search for a good studio in my area which led me to  South Windsor with a woman named Annie Q who brings it big! We met at a difficult time in my life but at the right time for change. The music, freedom of expression and the choices! Did I mention choices? LivFree® Power Yoga combined all my training in one style and all the reasons I fell in love with yoga in one place (The Yoga Shop). I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community and hope to continue to grow with all of you. Tammy’s teachers include Richard Mercer, Gabby Walters, Annie Q, and Kim Charbonneau.

Tammy is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Jessica Goldfarb

My Guide.
Every time I practice yoga, I feel like I am being led back home.  I unlearn all those jaded life lessons and find myself in a happy middle between strength and compassion.  Yoga has taught me how to believe in myself when I fall, and how to catch myself with love – both on and off the mat!  I know the positive impact that yoga had on my life and I want to share that experience with others.  Jessica’s teachers include Annie Q. and Kim Charbonneau.

Jessica is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Caroline Hannon

My Clarity.
Yoga is a part of my lifestyle. Over and over I find myself back on my mat continually working through what life has given me, the good the bad and everything in between. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, I always feel supported and strengthened through my yoga practice. I allow space for myself to be authentic and to feel what arises, without judgement of myself or others. It is my space to breathe and let life unfold. My yoga is carried into my daily life and it is a lifelong practice of self love and compassion for every being. It is an honor to be able to teach LivFree® Yoga and to create a space for all people to come and allow themselves to be authentic and feel their truth. Caroline's teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Jack Iwersen and David Kessler.

Caroline is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified and Certified Grief Educator. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.


Sue Hutchinson

My Harmony.
Yoga has given me the tools I need to find balance in a busy life. Every time I step on my mat it provides a chance for me to find my edge, let go, build strength, reconnect, and fall in love with the process all over again. It is challenging and humbling, yet graceful and empowering. It is a chance for change and growth and realigns all of the busy pieces to create a beautiful inner-harmony that touches every part of my life. It creates joy and compassion that stays with you when you leave the mat and I am so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to share it. Sue's teachers include Annie Q. Simard and Holly Peronace Zygiel.

Sue is a RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Dan Jaramillo

My Edge.
I never used to think that yoga was something I could make a part of my daily life. I took a chance by walking into The Yoga Shop and seeing what LivFree® Power was all about, and my only regret was not finding it sooner. I’ve been pushed to physical and mental boundaries that I never even thought I had the potential of reaching. Every time I think I’ve found my edge I blast past it and find a new one. I am becoming the best version of myself because I let go of my ego and believed in the change that could come from rolling out a mat. The community I’ve found and bonds I’ve formed along the way are unparalleled. There isn’t a single soul out there who couldn’t benefit from some yoga in their lives, and my goal is to spread that message. Dan’s teachers include: Annie Q, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Jack Iwersen and Lauren Bent.

Dan is RYT 200-hour certified.

Kim Jaramillo

My evolution.
My practice at The Yoga Shop has taught me to let go of the could haves, would haves and shouldn’t haves of life so that I could trust in myself and my path. I’m given the space I need in my practice to allow things to come up, to let go, and most importantly, to grow from all of it. I’ve learned to live in the moment rather than to dwell on the past, and to allow each moment to be a part of my evolution. Things that I previously would have considered “mistakes” are now a stepping stone to a greater piece of my journey. Every day I get to work on creating the person that I am meant to be, in a safe space surrounded by love. There are endless reasons I love LivFree® Yoga, but now what I love most is that I am able share it with others and watch my students evolve. Kim’s teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Kim Charbonneau and Lauren Bent.

Kim is RYT 200-hour certified.

Jaimie Kulas

My Compass.
Yoga has been my compass. As a former CrossFitter, I only thought of yoga as an addition to my fitness regimen - specifically mobility and rest days. Instead, my practice quickly became a place of refuge. My mat is my compass - navigating the balance between my body and mind. Yoga has taught me to create space. It guides me in the delicate harmony between being selfless and having self-love. And it has shaped and guided both my personal and professional relationships. The Yoga Shop has become a beacon for me. I know it will always bring me home, for in this community, I have found a family. Jaimie’s teachers include Annie Q., Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Liz Salvador, Allison Gomes and Kristen Michalak.


You can find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Corey Laskey

My Home.
I first began practicing yoga in an effort to allow my body to heal after a persistent injury. Through the physical practice, my body has become stronger and more flexible, but the gifts that yoga has given me extend far beyond the physical.  It is through yoga that I have learned to feel at home within myself, a feeling that I had lost touch with. As I continue to practice, the yoga has started to spill over into other aspects of my life, bettering my relationships with myself, with others, and with the world around me. I find yoga to be challenging to both the body and the mind in the best possible way- a way that facilitates enormous growth and challenges us to fulfill our fullest potentials. Come grow with me.
Corey’s teachers include Annie Q Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Julie Liefeld, and Holly Zygiel.

Corey is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Julie Liefeld

My Phoenix.
Yoga is my Phoenix - from any starting point yoga creates the path and energy of rediscovery, renewal and rejuvenation from the ashes, yoga provides the wings to rise out and beyond stuck-ness, ennui, emptiness, and into the direction of purpose. By its calling, yoga will remind you who you are, who you can be, and give you the power to soar. My belief is that yoga will heal your balance of mind, body and spirit-and once you understand your own balance, there is nothing that can hold you down. Julie’s teachers are Annie Q., Kimberly Charbonneau, Josh Summers and Kim Abraham.

Julie is a RN, LMFT, PHD and ERYT 500-hour LivFree® certified. Find her in the WEHA Zoom Room.

Dawn Machado

My Surrender.
Yoga is letting go, being present, putting trust in yourself and the universe; surrendering. Moving on your mat helps you connect and transform the mind, body and spirit. The Yoga Shop is a safe space to practice, express yourself, shine your heart, be vulnerable, show up in your power, push your limits, to sweat, cry, smile, laugh, breathe and just be. I’m honored to be able to share yoga and hold space for you to transform your life on and off the mat. Yoga is by far my favorite fitness format to teach and has taught me so much about authenticity, getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, healthy coping and finding peace. Let’s do yoga! Dawn’s teachers include Alison Gomes, Liz SalvadorAnnie Q. Simard, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Kim Jaramillo, Dan Jaramillo, Dana Wilcox and Lisanne Cozart.

Dawn is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Kavita Makadia

My mirror.
I do my most reflective and deepest work on my mat. In yoga I make the choice to face myself and expose my unabashed truth, then lean in as I flow through my practice from this raw and connected space. Whatever happens on the mat - how I love myself, the discipline, the self talk, the strength, the healing and letting go - it then shows outwardly in all that I do and am. When I became comfortable and saw the beauty in this reflection, that’s when the magic started. I've always been inspired by my grandfather’s lifelong dedication to yoga, though it wasn’t until a very low moment in my 20s that I was called to my home on the mat. Now I see every challenge as an opportunity to arrive home, to know with certainty and grace that I will guide myself through to the other side, lessons learned, and stronger than ever before. It is my honor as a teacher to show up for others and hold space for them to find their own truth in this transformative practice. Kavita’s teachers and mentors include Aisha Eugene, Dana Wilcox, Annie Q, Kim Brenneisen, and Tammy Ford.


Kavita is RYT 200-hour certified. You can find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Darcy Mauke

My Surrender.
To fully experience the transformational healing of yoga, I’ve had to surrender. Surrender control. Surrender expectations. Surrender to the journey. I’m so grateful to have found The Yoga Shop community, the LivFree® practice, and the pure bliss I feel when practicing and teaching yoga. Getting out of my head and into my body. Being fully present on my mat has led me back to myself and sharing that experience with others brings me such joy. My goal in teaching is to bring that joy, surrender, and healing to my students. I teach an upbeat, fun, and challenging class with restorative reflection and release. I show up with unconditional love, integrity, kindness, and a big smile. Darcy’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Dana Wilcox, Caroline Hannon, Lisa Cozzi, and Melissa Roy.

Darcy is RYT 200-hour certified and you can find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Kristen Michalak

My Adventure.
This practice can bring you so many places without ever leaving your mat. The possibilities are endless when you merge your mind and your body. The people you meet, the lessons you learn, the things you teach yourself are unparalleled by any other practice or exercise I have ever experienced. Nothing can challenge, provoke, change, transform or empower you like yoga can. My favorite part of practicing is that you are always met where you are at and there is always potential to find more, dig deeper and grow. Each time I step off my mat I step into a better version of myself. Yoga just works! Kristen’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau and Dr. Julie Liefeld.

Kristen is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified, LivFree® Certified Life Coach, owner of Grounded Soul Healing located inside TYS EAST and you can find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Jessica Noonan

My Sanctuary.
Yoga is a space that is all mine, a space for growth, reflection, clarity and peace. The very first time that I stepped onto a yoga mat I felt myself enter a space deep within, a space that I may have never been prior. Since then, yoga has become a part of my wellness. I feel so passionately about yoga because it is accessible to all spiritually, emotionally, and physically. As a high school teacher for many years before deciding to stay home to raise a family and manage our small family farm, education, opportunity, and growth became important values to me. It is because of these values that I decided to become a yoga teacher. It is my hope to be able to share this passion and help others find a sacred space for themselves like I have. Stepping into The Yoga Shop always feels like I am opening the door to home. The Yoga Shop community is one of the most welcoming and supportive that I have had the gift of being a part of.  The space that I find on my mat allows me to grow and ground, giving me the opportunity to show up in my truest form for those who need me; a gift that all beings should be given. It is my dream to help to make yoga and mindfulness accessible to all through the connection to nature and our natural world and I will continue to develop my practice and skill to make this happen. Jessica’s teachers include Annie Q., Kimberly Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Liz Salvador, Sue Hutchinson, Jess Wood and so many of The Yoga Shop teachers who each inspire me in different ways every time that I step into their classes.

Jessica is RYT 200-hour certified and LivFree® Certified Kids Yoga Teacher. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Alanna Orlandi

My Gift.
I need yoga in my life. Yoga is a mental, spiritual, and physical practice that my body craves. Being a yoga teacher allows me to share with others the gift of working to perfect the relationship between mind and body. I am honored to help those I teach feel better about themselves and become the strongest they have ever been. Alanna’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Natalie Griffin and Joanne Spence.

Alanna is RYT-500 LivFree® certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.

Holly Peronace Zygiel

My Peace.
Yoga is my Peace, my journey on the mat began after my first son was born and I need some exercise and healing. My husband encouraged me to start yoga and we had the exercise part right. I decided to continue to practice yoga through my entire second pregnancy. Since yoga has been in my life, I have felt my body, I have healed, and gain strength, balance, and better health. Our yoga community is filled with caring, loving individuals, who share it’s gift everyday and that is why I teach from the brightest place within me and guide my students on their journey to Shine. Holly’s teachers include Elin Larson, Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau and The Yoga Shop Community.

Holly is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® certified, LivFree® Certified Life Coach and Creator of LivFree® Chair Warrior Certification. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Lauren Petela

My Spark.
I began yoga to complement running and other exercises I was doing. Once I learned how powerful breath can be, my physical practice became something I went to for balance both on and off my mat as well. When I moved to West Hartford and started going to The Yoga Shop, the energy from the class renewed a spark in me. LivFree® Yoga ignites strength, confidence and mental staying power and I am so thankful to have found it. I wanted to become a yoga teacher to share with others what yoga has sparked within me. Lauren’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, and Holly Peronace Zygiel.

Lauren is a RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Melissa Roy

My Awakening.
The first time I got on my mat at The Yoga shop I literally told myself “I don’t need yoga.” I was wrong. Yoga has become so much more than the physical practice for me. It is my guide to self-discovery. Every time I get on my mat, I find me. It is how I aspire to live life off of my mat. The Yoga Shop changed my life. Sharing the LivFree practice and the community with others is my spark. 
Melissa’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Zygiel, Lisa Cozzi, Dana Wilcox and Caroline Hannon.


Melissa is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Chris White

My Metamorphosis.
To me, the practice of yoga means unity, and growth. The Yoga Shop is a special place where like minded people strive to become better versions of themselves. I got into yoga because I was losing ground on life and needed to make real changes. Through breath and movement, I connected with my inner being and learned surrendering in the now, yielded the inner peace I was trying to find in life. Chris' teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau and Holly Zygiel.

Chris is RYT 200-hour certified and you can find him at The Yoga Shop EAST.

Dana Wilcox

My Resilience.
Yoga has taught me that finding my edge will take me places that comfort never could. It has taught me that there is growth and beauty in challenges and that my mind can heal through my bodies movements. I am in constant awe of what this practice has done for me, both on and off my mat. Yoga has empowered me and given me strength that I could not learn from anyone but myself and that is beautiful. Dana's teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Julie Liefeld, Holly Zygiel, Kim Charbonneau, Kristen Michalak and Nadia Goracy.

Dana is RYT 500-hour LivFree® certified and LivFree® Certified Life Coach. Find her at The Yoga Shop EAST and  The Yoga Shop of West Hartford.

Jessica Wood

My Courage.
I welcomed yoga into my life at a time when I was doing a lot of soul searching. Yoga helped bring me to an authentic version of myself that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I deeply cherish time spent on my mat because it has become my connection time, bringing peace to my mind.  The more time I spend on my mat, the more balance is brought to all aspects of my life. The sense of community that I feel when practicing is amazing and I feel grateful to be a part of such a strong connection. Jessica’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau and Holly Zygiel.

Jessica is RYT 200-hour certified. Find her at The Yoga Shop of Ludlow.