The Yogashop



I believe in Yoga. I honestly feel that everyone can benefit from it. There is this moment in every class where you see a “newbie” on their mat, in the thick of it all, power, sweat, fear, and exhilaration. I love the moment when yoga makes its way into their body and you can see it, you can see the light come out of them. You see their amazement, you feel their excitement, you know that they “get it”. Man, what a gift. I have found my purpose in life, I am a teacher. Her teachers include Baron Baptiste, Philip Urso, Debbie Williamson, Marcia Vallier, Anne Surber, Douglas P. Quagliaroli, Lance Clayton and Jan Iyengar.

Annie is Co-Director of The Shop and the founder of LivFree® Power Yoga. Annie is Yoga Alliance ERYT 500-hour Certified. Find Annie Q. at: South Windsor, Old Saybrook, West Hartford, Ludlow, Salem, and Glastonbury Studios.

The Yogashop



I believe in the effects of yoga. I have witnessed transformation in myself and in others I practice with. I have always wanted to be a part of something that really matters. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than helping someone realize their true strength physically and spiritually. Her teachers are Baron Baptiste and Annie Q.

Kim is co-director of The Shop. She is Yoga Alliance ERYT 500-hour Certified and LivFree® Certified. Find Kim at: South Windsor, Old Saybrook, West Hartford, Ludlow, and Glastonbury Studios.

The Yogashop



Why do I believe in Yoga? Because, up until a few years ago, I was, in most ways, much like any other working mom, franticly juggling the many things it takes to ‘have it all’ in life. Then, I stepped onto a Yoga mat and realized that I could in fact slow down even in this hectic world we live in – and not only did my mind and body need it, but everyone who I touched in life was better for it as well. When I am on the mat and even when I leave it, my body is at ease – peaceful, energized, and balanced. Yoga gives me the space that I need to reconnect within. Through Yoga, I have vowed never again to be exhausted by life but rather to leave this life exhausted from truly living it! The ability to teach and share this with others is a gift. Allison’s teachers include Annie Q and Kim Charbonneau.

Allison is 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at the Ludlow Studio.

The Yogashop



I rediscovered yoga at a time where I really needed an escape from the demands of life. I wore many hats while juggling a challenging corporate career and care-giving for both a young family and aging parents. I realized that I was spending all my time taking care of others and needed to take care of myself. When I discovered the Yoga Shop community, I found a way to escape into a loving place where I could care for and work solely on myself – learning to love who and where I am, releasing the tension and rebuilding strength, dealing with my struggles and growing stronger. Yoga gives me healing and hope in a way I never expected and still surprises me. Yoga is my self care and my passion. I am SO excited to grow The Yoga Shop family and share LivFree®️ yoga in our community. I’m grateful for The Yoga Shop community of teachers and my mentors: Annie Quagliaroli, Kim Charbonneau, Julie Liefeld and the 2017 Masters Class.

Liz is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at the Ludlow Studio.

Tracie Murphy

My Healing

From the moment I step on my mat I feel a sense of calm and peace within me. Yoga has changed my life, and transformed the way I view myself and the world. It has given me the opportunity to show up in my own life, give up the need for perfection, and let things get messy. To try, fall down, and get back up. To be authentic, and open, and willing to see the possibility in everything and the potential in everyone. It has healed raw places in me, and continues to reach down and heal the hurt, the broken, the ragged pieces, to create a softness, and an open heart from which I live. We are all one. As I teach yoga, I’m in awe of the growth, the love, and the community. The healing and transformation is happening right in front of me, like magic. It is an honor and a blessing to share whatever I can. My faith is strong, that together we can help heal the world, by showing up and opening our hearts. So grateful for my teachers and mentors – Marisa Granger & Carlene Benelli of Soulfire Power Yoga, Annie Q. Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Julie Lyfield – The Yoga Shop Community

Tracie is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified.  Find her at the Salem Studio.

Micki Silvia

My Surrender

Yoga has been a means to accessing all the parts of my life. It has brought me to many places on my journey to explore, notice, cherish, and connect. My biggest challenge has been to find balance, between drive and softness, on my mat and off. It has helped me uncover many pieces of myself, strengthen my relationships, and find peace in chaos. Through connection, love, and support of the community I have found so much joy. LivFree Power Yoga has strengthened me in so many ways. I am grateful to have it in my life.

My teachers include Carlene Benelli, Marissa Arnold, Sizwe Mji,  Annie Q, and Kim Charbonneau.

Micki is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at the Salem Studio.

Nadia Goracy

My Opportunity

Yoga came into my life just at the right moment, it felt like “she” was waiting for me to be ready and I can tell you that I’m so glad we found each other. My life has changed since then and it will always be my opportunity to keep growing mentally, physically and spiritually.  LivFree yoga invites me to reconnect with myself in a loving and compassionate way. The heat, the sweat, the challenge, the surrender, the acceptance, the community just makes me feel whole, free, adventurous, sexy, happy, young, healthy and so much in love, and loved as well.  I am eager to share my passion for this beautiful practice.
Nadia’s teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh and Holly Peronace Zygiel.
Nadia is RYT 200-hour. Find her at the Glastonbury Studio
sarah albanese teacher



I have always been in my head. Bringing myself to the mat takes all the thoughts away. Some days I have beautiful, open practices. Other days I have terrible practices. What matters is I cleared my mind and did my best. I became a teacher because I wanted to be able to share that experience with everyone. The experience of letting go of the good or the bad. I pride myself off having a laid back, cool style of teaching but still being able to BRING IT. I will continue to show up and share the love. Sarah’s teachers include Annie Q., and Kim Charbonneau.

Sarah is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at Old Saybrook Studio.

petra aluxdi teacher



Yoga is not about how deeply you can backbend, how long you can hold an arm balancing pose or whether or not you can stand on your head. Yoga is about connecting with breath and creating space. It’s about falling back in love with yourself and to make peace with your body. Yoga is to become aware of your mind and the noise it creates. To me yoga is kindness, even in the most physically and mentally challenging poses. Just by softening and letting go you can release your fear and be free. I love what yoga does for my body, mind and spirit. It has made me a better and more balanced person, injury and pain free and stronger both physically and mentally. And it will do that for you too! Petra’s teachers include Annie Q, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest and Lori Bonazzi.

Petra is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified and the Social Media Manager for The Yoga Shop. Find her at: West Hartford and Glastonbury Studios.

Michelle Bailey

My Community

My mat has brought me to a place where I belong, where everyone belongs. I truly believe all humans crave that sense of belonging. The presence of physically, mentally and emotionally strong people raises energy, support and the bar to a new level on and off your mat. I want to be the best version of myself, in every way and my mat creates space and time for me to grow in a loving and safe environment. My class is an extension of that feeling, it allows me to share the energy, to share the support and to provide a time for others to raise their bar.  Michelle's teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, and The Yoga Shop Community.

Michelle is RYT 200-hour.  Find her at the Old Saybrook Studio.



To me, yoga is the intentional direction of breath, motion and consciousness.  It’s a ritual that cracks open my mind and body, offering insight and access to my creative nature.  The practice shifts and shuffles into a living path that I create and follow.  It’s a moving meditation, an expression of my ups and downs, a challenge and a puzzle and a reward.  My mat is where I practice my work.  It changes as I change, inviting me to transform again and again. Jeff’s teachers include Michael Roach, Annie Q, Kim C, Joe C, Holly Z.

Jeff is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find him at the West Hartford Studio.

joe cavanagh teacher



The confluence of physical and non-physical work done on the yoga mat is unmatched by any other exercise. When you realize the intimacy of the relationship of body and mind, yoga leaves the mat and follows you every day. And when life gets out of balance, returning to the mat to work it out is always available. The work put in on the mat pays back physically, mentally, and spiritually. With no attachment to how exactly yoga will change you, putting in the physical work undoubtedly lays the groundwork for growth and change beyond the physical realm. Joe’s teachers include Annie Q and Kim Charbonneau.

Joe is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find him at: South Windsor, West Hartford, Ludlow, and Glastonbury Studios.



I come to my mat thankful each time for so many reasons. Yoga has provided me the time and space to learn to love myself. Yoga teaches me balance and union of mind, body, and spirit and the strength in being present and being able to let go. I swam on an international stage for many years and it conditioned me to hang on tightly to competition, comparison and a good challenge. Yoga provides a different kind of physical challenge that has revealed the strength in unity over comparison, and wakes up my confidence from deep inside, where it tends to hide. But more than all of that, yoga is an opportunity to surround myself with some of the most kind and generous people I have ever met, and I have developed an enormous amount of gratitude for their support. I love coming to my mat knowing that this is so much bigger than just me, because I get to be a part of a community with these beautiful people and experience this transformative practice, and I am so thankful for it.

Angie is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at West Hartford Studio.

lisa c teacher



Practicing yoga fosters the connections of the physical, emotional and spiritual components within each of us, and the singular connection between all of us and everything. It cultivates compassion and is the fertile ground the feeds and grows love. When I practice, it feels like I am wiping the slate clean, creating space and clarity where love abounds and anything is possible. I am so grateful to be a part of this growing community of open-hearted, compassionate people to share this transformational practice, on the mat and as a teacher. Lisa’s teachers include Baron Baptiste, Tias Little, Todd Norian, Sadie Nardini, Natalie Griffin, and of course Annie Quagliaroli and Kim Charbonneau, and this whole crazy ride, life.

Lisa is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at: South Windsor and West Hartford Studios.

Kara Dalena

My Revival

I first began yoga as a physical practice during a major transitional period in my life. My physical practice quickly transformed into so much more. I became part of a community surrounded by like-minded yogis; I gained mental clarity even if it was just during those 90 minutes of practice – and an appreciation for myself and the strength of my body grew. When I first started yoga I couldn’t touch my toes. Now I have seen the transformation, I have seen what yoga is capable of in my own body. When I am on my mat, nothing else matters. It is my time to be me and to be with me. My practice brings me peace. I wanted to become a yoga teacher to teach Livfree yoga, to share to others what yoga has shared with me and to be a bigger part in this amazing community. Kara’s teachers include Annie Q., Kim Charbonneau, Holly Zygiel and Joe Cavanagh.

Kara is RYT 200-Hour Certified.  Find her at the Glastonbury Studio.

laura dean teacher



I think of the Yoga Shop as my baby, and my yoga practice as my baby too! I found the Yoga Shop when I was needing something different in my life. My yoga practice has found a home at the Yoga Shop. My practice has grown here because of being nurtured, cared for, and supported. My yoga has helped me to slow down, appreciate the here and now, and be able to keep my focus. It is always challenging to take my practice off the mat and into my daily life. Some days happen more easily than others. The Yoga Shop is always there to help guide, encourage, and love me along my journey.

Laura Dean-Frazier is the Studio Manager in Old Saybrook.

Ali Duchesne


Yoga is my Source – my wellspring of joy, strength and inspiration.  Yoga takes me to the place in myself where I can find just a little bit more:  more courage, more grace, more love, more magic.  Yoga has taught me to follow the waves of my breath toward surrender in times of challenge, and flow along the currents of compassion and acceptance into a sea of gratitude.  Yoga allows me to stand in my power because I now know that this source is always with me, whether I am on or off my mat.  Ali’s teachers include Annie Q. Simard and Kimberly Charbonneau.

Ali is RYT 200-hour certified.  Find her at the West Hartford and Glastonbury Studios.

Judy Faherty

My Space

Yoga is my space.  When I get on my mat, I know that for the duration of the practice, I am taking space for myself.  There are no demands of me except to breathe. Within that space, something magical happens.I challenge myself, I reach places that I am not aware that I can, I forgive myself when I need a rest.  I take the space and I use it to serve my body, my heart, and my soul. Something else happens. While moving and breathing together, I feel supported by the community around me, and in turn, I offer my support with my breath.  It’s truly magic. After practicing, I am able to take the magic off of my mat and share it with my world. Yoga has helped me become more like the person I want to be. I am living my life as the best version of myself because of yoga.  I am excited to be able to share the magic.  Judy’s teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Holly Zygiel, Joe Cavanagh, and Valerie Fales.

Judy is RYT 200-hour.  Find her at the Old Saybrook Studio.

valeri fales teacher



When I step onto my mat, I make peace with whatever transpired before that moment. I am able to find a place in my mind and in my body that enables me to release, and let go to a point that I can engage in the moving meditation of my practice. It allows me to leave the time and practice with a renewed sense of self and awareness. My yoga practice has enhanced all aspects of my life. I hope that I can share this experience with others. As a group fitness instructor and RN, I am able to speak to my clients about things like alignment and form on a deeper level, and a more holistic level. I hope to continue to grow in my yoga practice, and to continue sharing what I learn through the moving meditation of yoga on and off the mat. Valerie’s teachers include Annie Q., and Kim Charbonneau.

Valerie is RYT 200-hour Certified. Find her at Old Saybrook Studio.

Shoshana Foster

My Change

I believe that yoga practiced on and off of our mats creates change. It transforms how we skillfully engage with and participate in every moment of life. I find it a magical experience to witness the shift in our mind-body connection as yoga becomes a way of life, rather than simply one part of our lives. Every time I practice, I am reminded that nothing in life is absolute; there is always a way to change something with which I am not satisfied. Yoga guides me not only toward change internally, but also externally. It supports me in growing into my most authentic self, which prepares me to serve others and ultimately create the change I wish to make and see in the world. Shoshana's teachers include Annie Q., Kim C., Holly Z., Joe C., and Marilyn S.

Shoshana is RYT 200-hour Certified. Find her at the West Hartford Studio.
anna glowacki teacher



Yoga is a lifestyle for me. It is medicine for my physical body, my emotional being, and my soul. When I’m practicing regularly, my life is in balance and when I spend too much time away from the mat I fall out of sync with the world. I love sharing yoga with others and watching as my students become healthier and happier beings. Anna’s teachers include Annie Q., Kimberly Charbonneau, Natalie Griffin, and Toby Schoeneberger.

Anna is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at: South Windsor and Glastonbury Studios.

Jessica Goldfarb

My Guide

Every time I practice yoga, I feel like I am being led back home.  I unlearn all those jaded life lessons and find myself in a happy middle between strength and compassion.  Yoga has taught me how to believe in myself when I fall, and how to catch myself with love – both on and off the mat!  I know the positive impact that yoga had on my life and I want to share that experience with others.  Jessica’s teachers include Annie Q. and Kim Charbonneau.

Jess is RYT 200-hour certified.  Find her at the Glastonbury studio.

Stacey Gravanis

My Union.

It’s my synchronized dance of breath, movement and mental clarity. Yoga is losing my “I” and being one with, and of service to, others. Before teacher training, yoga was just physical for me. A great compliment to my tough workout schedule - a way to stretch after a long run. It’s still very physical, but now…I BREATHE! Now, I have a much deeper understanding of myself and much more loving and kind view of pretty much everything. Teaching what I’ve learned and witnessing the realization to transformation is truly the greatest gift.  I am grateful for my teachers who include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace Zygiel, Joe Cavanagh and Michael Von Stange.

Stacey is RYT 200 hour and 200 hour certified in Iyengar inspired vinyasa yoga. Find her at the Ludlow and South Windsor Studios.

Annie Hochman

My Commitment

Yoga is my commitment to myself and the world around me. Yoga has opened my life up to growth, discovery, friendship, joy, and so much more.  It all started with deciding to show up on my mat, and continuing to show up week after week, year after year. Show up; embrace the opportunity.

Annie's teachers include: Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Holly Peronace-Zygiel, and Joe Cavanagh. Annie is RYT 200-hour. Find her at the Old Saybrook Studio.

Caitie Holik, PT, DPT

My Connection

Yoga is my place of refuge. From the time I walk in the door, I can be completely me, no masks, no gimmic. It is where I feel loved, supported, and at ease. I can feel what I need to feel, whether it’s a big open heart and a smile, or some of the not-so-fun stuff. Yoga has allowed me to connect with my spirit, mind, and body unlike any other type of practice I have ever done. There is this one moment, we all have it, and it’s just like “Wow, yes, this is what it’s supposed to feel like. This is where I’m supposed to be.” And this, this connection, is what I hope to share and help others discover in their own lives. I am grateful to find connection between both my personal and professional worlds, using concepts of rehabilitation and an in-depth understanding of the human body to help students find their potential in a safe, functional, but incredibly fun way.  Caitie’s teachers include Annie Q. and Kim Charbonneau.

Caitie is RYT 200 Certified.  Find her at: South Windsor and Old Saybrook Studios.

jack iwersen teacher



When I first started practicing yoga I viewed it as physical exercise however soon it began to dawn on me that yoga is more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle. We so often focus on what’s wrong or what could be better in our lives. a regular practice has taught me to let go, accept where I am and work from there. Spending time on the mat and with The Yoga Shop community has transformed me. I am stronger physically and mentally. LivFree® yoga has opened my mind and heart. And inspired me to share this practice with everyone. Jack's teachers include Annie Q, Kim C, Joe C.

Jack is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find him at: West Hartford and Glastonbury Studio.

Kayla Kamerer

My Magic

Every time I step onto my mat, I learn a little more about who I am. Yoga is a place for me to connect with myself, the universe, and wonderful, supportive community I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. Plus, there are few other things in life that are good for your body and mind and just plain FUN. Yoga has brought me through the best and worst times of my life and I am honored I get to share a space that meets everybody where they are, mentally and physically. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or it’s your first time on your mat, I hope you can find a little magic too.  Kayla’s teachers include Annie Q. and Kim Charbonneau

Kayla is RYT 200-hour. Find her at the Salem Studio.

chris kopcha teacher



When I step on my mat, the rest of the world just seems to disappear. Whatever challenges I am dealing with fade away as inconsequential. I was first drawn to yoga for its physical and athletic qualities. Many of my first classes were frustrating as I tried to push myself deeper into poses, in a hurry to advance my practice. But as an athlete who was starting to feel the aches and pains associated with many hours spent pushing my body, balance was what I needed. Continuing to practice, I slowly started to quiet the voice that kept driving me forward and let in the words of the amazing teachers at The Yoga Shop, allowing me to listen to my body, my breathe, and my heart. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I have learned…slowing down and not forcing things to happen. I am honored for the opportunity to teach yoga to others, so they may use it as a tool to learn the things they need to on their journeys. Her certifications also include NASM Personal Trainer, RRCA Running Coach, Les Mills (BodyFlow, BodyPump, BodyStep and CXWorx), Spin Instructor, TRX Trained and MM Music Education. Chris’s teachers include Annie Q and Kim Charbonneau.

Chris is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at Old Saybrook Studio.

Corey Laskey

My Home

I first began practicing yoga in an effort to allow my body to heal after a persistent injury. Through the physical practice, my body has become stronger and more flexible, but the gifts that yoga has given me extend far beyond the physical.  It is through yoga that I have learned to feel at home within myself, a feeling that I had lost touch with. As I continue to practice, the yoga has started to spill over into other aspects of my life, bettering my relationships with myself, with others, and with the world around me. I find yoga to be challenging to both the body and the mind in the best possible way- a way that facilitates enormous growth and challenges us to fulfill our fullest potentials.  Come grow with me 🙂

Corey’s teachers include Annie Q Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Julie Liefeld, Holly Zygiel, and Joe Cavanagh

Corey is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified.  Find her at the Ludlow Studio.

julie liefield teacher



Yoga is my Phoenix—from any starting point yoga creates the path and energy of rediscovery, renewal and rejuvenation from the ashes, yoga provides the wings to rise out and beyond stuck-ness, ennui, emptiness, and into the direction of purpose. By its calling, yoga will remind you who you are, who you can be, and give you the power to soar. My belief is that yoga will heal your balance of mind, body and spirit-and once you understand your own balance, there is nothing that can hold you down. Julie’s teachers are Annie Q., Kimberly Charbonneau, Josh Summers and Kim Abraham.

Julie is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at Old Saybrook Studio.

kristen michalak teacher



This practice can bring you so many places without ever leaving your mat. The possibilities are endless when you merge your mind and your body. The people you meet, the lessons you learn, the things you teach yourself are unparalleled by any other practice or exercise I have ever experienced. Nothing can challenge, provoke, change, transform or empower you like yoga can. My favorite part of practicing is that you are always met where you are at and there is always potential to find more, dig deeper and grow. Each time I step off my mat I step into a better version of myself. Yoga just works!  Kristen’s teachers include Annie Q. and Kim Charbonneau.

Kristen is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. The Studio Manager in Ludlow.  Find her at: South Windsor, Ludlow, and Glastonbury Studios.

alana orlandi teacher



I need yoga in my life. Yoga is a mental, spiritual, and physical practice that my body craves. Being a yoga teacher allows me to share with others the gift of working to perfect the relationship between mind and body. I am honored to help those I teach feel better about themselves and become the strongest they have ever been.
Alanna’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Natalie Griffin and Joanne Spence.

Alanna is RYT-500 LivFree® Certified. Find her at: South Windsor and Ludlow Studios.

holly zygiel teacher



Yoga is my Peace, my journey on the mat began after my first son was born and I need some exercise and healing. My husband encouraged me to start yoga and we had the exercise part right. I decided to continue to practice yoga through my entire second pregnancy. Since yoga has been in my life, I have felt my body, heal, and gain strength, balance, and health. Our yoga community is filled with caring, loving individuals, who share it’s gift everyday and that is why I teach from the brightest place within me and guide my students on their journey to Shine. Holly’s teachers include Elin Larson, Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau and The Yoga Shop Community.

Holly is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified and the Studio Manager of West Hartford. Find her at the South Windsor, West Hartford, and Glastonbury  Studios.

Heather Polk, Teacher at The Yoga Shop



Yoga is truth. I have realized that the more I practice, the more clearly I can see, think and be. Whenever I step on my mat, I find myself in a space full of curiosity and wonder, excitement and peace, love and trust. I’m not worrying about what I look like, what I sound like, or who I need to be. I just AM. When I allow myself the space to just BE through the connection of body and mind, I find truth and trust in myself, and the world around me.

Heather is RYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at: South Windsor and West Hartford Studios.

Brandon Russell

My Focus

I believe yoga is a path to true power and connection to yourself. For me yoga has been a means for personal transformation in the physical realm and the metaphysical realms. It is a means of connecting mind, body and soul. Yoga is a conduit to cultivate true mental strength and regular practice allows us to break down internal barriers that have been developed throughout our entire lives. As a person begins down a yogic path, they will realize the true magic of yoga when they observe how their practice translates into their everyday life. Yoga allows us to transcend our spirits, fine tune our mental structure and connect to our highest self. Connecting to self is to find pure love for yourself and love for others. That love and that light is the true power of Yoga. Oh, and it is the BEST workout. I LOVE YOGA!  Brandon’s teachers include Annie Q, Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh and Holly Zygiel.

Brandon is RYT 200-hour. Find him at the Ludlow studio.

marilyn santos teacher



Yoga helps me shine my light. Every day it continues to foster my connection to the true essence of life, the true essence of me. So often yoga helps me “let go” of the adversity of the world and instead indulge in a place of peace, strength, freedom and love. I invite you to welcome yoga into your lives, not only for the physical benefits but for the spiritual and mindful benefits as well. It is truly a beautiful and fascinating gift of self-love. A gift I am so honored to share with others. Marilyn’s teachers include Annie Q., Kim Charbonneau, Natalie Griffin and Josh Summers.

Marilyn is ERYT 500-hour LivFree® Certified. She is trained in Yin Yoga. Find her at: South Windsor, West Hartford, Ludlow, and Glastonbury Studios.

Katie Scherr

My Grace

When everything seems to be moving so quickly and my focus is being pulled in opposite directions, yoga allows me to find stillness and be in the present moment. For the length of the class I can slow down and just be. No judgment, just space and freedom to be myself. Yoga reminds me to meet myself where I am in that moment. I hope to inspire others to feel the same presence and freedom to just be.

Katie’s teachers include Annie Q. Simard, Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh and Holly Peronace Zygiel.

Katie is RYT 200-hour. Find her at the Ludlow Studio.

Ashley Tanguay

My Expression

I look forward to my practice because it is just that. MY PRACTICE. It will be ever-changing, never perfect, but always satisfying. My favorite thing to do is to take the pose and blow it up. Find expression. I want to inspire others to find the need to do the same. I aspire to be humbled by the grit and the beauty of it all.
My teachers include Annie Quagliaroli, Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh and Holly Peronace Zygiel.
Ashley is RYT 200-hour. Find her at the Ludlow Studio.

Maris Wacs

My Strength

My yoga mat is where I become my favorite version of myself. It is where I gather strength, connect to my creative self, become most available, and where I can fall. There is so much room on my mat. I’ve always thought of it as a magic carpet ride. The practice of connecting breath to movement take away the “to do” lists. By the end of a practice I feel renewed as if I had gone away and returned. This is what sets yoga apart for me from other exercise. I love the opportunity for the reset, to connect back to myself and let the rest go.

I am very grateful to my teachers: Annie Q. Simard, Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh,
Holly Peronace Zygiel, and Val Fales

Maris is 200-hour LivFree® Certified. Find her at the Old Saybrook Studio.

Jessica Wood

My Courage

I welcomed yoga into my life at a time when I was doing a lot of soul searching. Yoga helped bring me to an authentic version of myself that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I deeply cherish time spent on my mat because it has become my connection time, bringing peace to my mind.  The more time I spend on my mat, the more balance is brought to all aspects of my life. The sense of community that I feel when practicing is amazing and I feel grateful to be a part of such a strong connection. Jessica’s teachers include Annie Q., Kim Charbonneau, Joe Cavanagh and Holly Zygiel

Jessica is RTY 200-hour. Find her at the Ludlow Studio.