LivFree® Power UP

LivFree® Power Up is our signature class. Using an energetic Vinyasa flow, this athletic class is accessible to students of all levels. There is no doubt that you will be challenged. The room is heated to 90F to integrate sweat, strength and spirit. The room is heated to 90F.

Amaze Yourself!

LivFree® For All

LivFree® for All is for you, whether you are looking to refine your practice or take it up a notch from our Foundations class. This class gives you the space and support to grow your practice. Modifications and variations are offered to satisfy the beginner and advanced Yogi. The room is heated to 90F.

Your pace, your experience, your practice!

LivFree® Hot26

LivFree Hot26 is twenty-six poses with a LivFree twist and a little extra heat. This alignment based class adds second set variations with foundational flow transitioned in. Designed for EVERY body, beginners and advanced yogis will be challenged. The room is heated to 103F.

Come take your practice to a new level!

LivFree® Foundations

LivFree® Foundations. Amping it up isn’t for everyone. Whether you are brand new to yoga, want to pay extra attention to alignment, recovering from an injury, or just wanted to slow things down; this class is for you. Special attention is given to yogic principles, alignment and technique. The room is warmed to 80F.

No experience necessary!

LivFree® Slow Burn

In LivFree® Slow Burn we slow the practice down, so that there is time to get curious.  We do not simply hold the poses but rather, explore them. This class will introduce you to your body on a much deeper level.  We are passionate about taking more time to work internal anatomy,  so that we gain better understanding of alignment. Plan to be surprised at how challenging and effective LivFree® Slow Burn will be for you both physically and mentally. Please have blocks, strap and something to pad your knee up for each class. The room is heated to 90F.

Slow it down and get curious!

LivFree® Sunrise

LivFree® Sunrise incorporates breath and meditative movement with the same strengths of any LivFree® Power practice. Find gratitude, inspiration and a boost to your energy in this flow practice. The room is heated to 90F.

Start with a little goodness in your day!

LivFree® Yoga Sculpt

LivFree® Yoga Sculpt combines strength training incorporated into a full LivFree Yoga class! With the use of weights, discs and bands, we will take your yoga practice to the next level. The room is heated to 90F.

We are taking it up a notch!

LivFree® Hot Barre

LivFree® Hot Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity class integrating elements of yoga, pilates, ballet, and functional training. Strengthen and stretch your entire body using bodyweight, a ballet barre, weights, bands and balls. The room is heated to 90F.

Balance, build, burn and raise the barre on your expectations!

LivFree® Happy Hour

LivFree® Happy Hour is a fun All levels class. The heat is on and the music turned up! This is how we do it at The Shop. The room is heated to 90F.

Let’s get the party started!

LivFree® power down

LivFree® power down lets you unwind from the grind. Take a break from your busy life to decrease stress, relax and revitalize. The room is warmed to 80F.

Let’s slow it way down!

LivFree® Warrior Kids

LivFree® Warriors Kids challenges kids to build strength and grace with both, heart and soul. Even more, it fosters the natural desire to love, laugh and play. Kids come inspired to explore fun, wild and freedom as they rock it out on their mats, with or without their tribe! Kids are our heart and soul, yet they need space and time to play and be free. Warrior 1 ages 5-8, Warrior 2 ages 9-12. Classes are taught in a non-heated room. Comfortable clothing, water and a yoga mat are recommended.

Kids rock!