Class Descriptions

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LivFree® Power UP

This is our signature class. Using an energetic Vinyasa flow, this athletic class is accessible to students of all levels. There is no doubt that you will be challenged. The room is heated to integrate sweat, strength and spirit.

Amaze yourself!

LivFree® For All

Whether you are looking to refine your practice or take it up a notch from our Foundations class, All Levels gives you the space and support to grow your practice. Modifications and variations are offered to satisfy the beginner and advanced Yogi.

Your pace, your experience, your practice!

LivFree® Foundations

Amping it up isn’t for everyone. Whether you are brand new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or just wanted to slow things down and take it easy; this class is for you. Special attention is given to yogic principles, alignment and technique.

No experience necessary!

LivFree® Power Down

Unwind from the grind with our gentle class. Take a break from your busy life to decrease stress, relax and revitalize.

Let’s slow it down!