New to The Yoga Shop

Do I need to register for classes?

No, you do not need to preregister for classes, even if you are brand new to our studio. If you want you can preregister on the mindbody app.

It’s my first time to the studio, how early should I show up?

You should arrive 15 minutes before class starts so that you can complete our registration form and get a quick look around.

I have never done yoga before, which class should I start with?

Any of our classes are open to beginners. It’s really up to your comfort zone. If you are an active person, with an open mind and the ability to be a beginner, we say jump in with both feet and kick off with LivFree® Power UP. If that feels like too much, too soon, then LivFree® Foundations and LivFree® For All are both great places to start.

Should I bring a yoga mat?

Yes, if you have a mat, bring it. If you don’t, no worries, we have mats to borrow at no charge.

What do I need to bring to class?

Wear comfortable clothes, that allow you to stretch and move. Bring a mat if you have one, (we offer mats to borrow for free, if you don’t ) Bring a water bottle and a towel for sweat. Oh yes, and bring a open mind and heart!


Are all of your classes heated?

We believe in THE POWER OF HEAT! That being said, heat adds a component that some have to ease into. Our LivFree® Power UP and LivFree® for All classes are heated to 90 degrees. LivFree® Foundations and LivFree® power down are warmed to 80 degrees. read more about our class descriptions here.

How much is a drop in class?

FIRST CLASS IS FREE! After that, drop ins are $15 (+CT tax).

I’m coming from work, do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we have changing rooms in all studios! Old Saybrook and Ludlow studios both have showers as well.