Support, Help and Inspiration for Healing Mind and Spirit during Covid 19 sheltering in:

FB Live Workshop: Going beyond journaling – Exploring the benefits of Creativity with Dr Julie Leifeld

E-mail liefeldj1@southernct.edu for questions about expressive arts journaling materials and classes and/or how to get confidential emotional support or teletherapy for you or someone you love.

Dealing with grief, yoga class and group discussion
The Yoga Shop Home School. Sundays at 4:30pm with Caroline.

Take a Break Podcasts with Rachel Hart
Great usable, realistic coaching for those who want to take a break from habits of eating, drinking or obsessing too much. Non-therapeutic, excellent coaching in podcast and program form.

TYS Sacred Circle with Annie Q.
Discussions for connections and healing. Mondays 6pm on Zoom.


Support groups and intervention help during Covid 19 and beyond

Confidential help for urgent issues with depression or suicidal symptoms.

Confidential advice and support for dealing with domestic abuse.

Confidential meetings and support for dealing with substance abuse in your family

Confidential meetings support for problem drinking or addiction.

Confidential support for recovering from addiction or problems with prescription or street


References, Websites and Podcasts

The Artists Way, Cameron, J. (2002).
A course in discovering and recovering your creative self. Penguin Publishers (also on audible).

Watercolor and Doodles, CeeCeeCreates
YouTube Channel (the BEST tutorials for learning how to flow with watercolors beginner to advanced).

Art and design tutorials and classes beginner to advanced students.

The mala Julie is wearing from I am EarthBound. Handmade malas and classes.

Using Expressive Arts to work with mind, body, and emotions.
Pearson & Wilson. (2009). Kingsley Publishers.

Tea and botanical paper staining, organically natural material journals, and expressive art journal pages.

Withers, L. (2019-2020).
Hochanda and a variety of her YouTube Channel presentations and FaceBookLives (mixed media art and methods).